Low NoX Burners

Lanemark International Ltd. has become well known for the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of successful process heating burner systems which maximise process plant thermal efficiency and minimise both operating cost and impact on the environment.

After sales product support through Lanemark ‘BurnerCare’ provides qualified servicing and commissioning engineers to maintain your Lanemark burner system ensuring that it is operating to its design efficiency – all backed up with an extensive stock of burner system spare parts to enable customers to keep your process plant at the level of availability that you require. 

Our gas fired burner systems are designed to integrate into a wide range of industrial process heating applications. This, coupled with Lanemarks petrochemical burner systems, delivers proven and effective solutions to customers throughout Europe, Asia, and both North and South America. Lanemarks patented ‘Thermimax’ gas burner head is a prime example of their expertise – achieving optimum gas/air mix, it is a central element in many of our burner systems.

The Lanemark Burners are installed across Indian petrochemical and fertilizer plants. The wide range of burner products include

  • Ammonia Reformer Burners
  • Ethylene Cracking Burners
  • Fired Heater Burners
  • Hydrogen Reformer Burners
  • Methanol Reformer Burners

Promptness, Flexibilty, On time deliveries and constant innovation are the key to Lanemarks success in India.