Specialty Castings

Metaltek International USA who were formerly known as Wisconsin Centrifugal and are leading manufacturers of Centrifugal Cast Tubes as well as Static Cast materials for Furnaces for Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Refinery projects. Our process licensor reference list includes DMC, Haldor Topsoe, Selas, FW, KTI, Lummus, Stone & Webster, KBR, Midrex etc.

Since 1945 WC/Metaltek International has grown from a small foundry to world class manufacturing operation. Metaltek has in house heat treatment, machining and fabricating facilities for all requirements. Our Centrifugal Cast Capabilities are as below

  • Horizontal cast tubes and sleeves from 50 mm OD to 1070 mm OD X 6100 mm.
  • Vertical cast flanges, tapers, custom shapes, and rings up to 4500 mm OD. Net-Shape centrifugals with fine surface finish and close tolerances. Maximum cast weight, air melt, 13600 Kg
  • Vacuum Melt Facility with 320 Kg capacity complete with vertical centrifugal caster, 1020 mm X 460 mm high size envelope

The company possesses an extensive range of Metaltek Alloys20-32Nb, 25-35 Nb and 35-34 Nb for Furnace Tubes with. Each Alloy is customer formulated to balance rupture strength, creep strength, carburization resistance, ductility, toughness and weldability to varying client operating conditions.

Alloys manufactured are Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Heat Resistant Stainless, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze and others. The state of the art facility ins capable of welding large manifolds and cast assemblies “ready to fit” conditions. Furthermore Metaltek has its own Research & Development department studying and delveloping new metals and also has the highest number of employees as metallurgists in the world.